Relationships ON Purpose

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Conscious Partnership​​





  1. Relationship To Self
    We will help connect you to your inner power, and reduce the negative self talk that has been holding you back
  2. Relationship To Love
    Want Partnership? Whether you are in one, and looking to improve it, or single and interested in creating one - we can help.
  3. Relationship To Family
    How to make families work with so many moving parts and personalities... we get it! And we can help you.
  4. Relationship To Money
    Let us help you uncover the belief systems that have been keeping you from unlimited abundance.
  5. Relationship To Spiritualtiy
    Connecting to the source that connects us all is so important. Allow us to assist you in creating an empowering relationship to spiritual principles.
  6. Relationship To Creativity
    We are always creating! Consciously, or unconsciously. Let us help you be powerful in your creations.

We offer individual sessions, as well as packages specially designed for individuals, families, and couples. 
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Let us help you create that powerful purpose-filled relationship you are seeking


Judy M

Renee K

Bahia S

"I was suffering in my relationship and it had not been the first time. I had suffered in relationships since I had began having them. I had been to countless therapists, workshops & had read every book on the subject of love & relationships but had never able to get to the root of my problem until I met Kelly and Rudy.

They are the most powerful, insightful & extraordinary coaching team a person could ask for. It was only through the work that I did with them that I was able to get to the root of my troubles and start taking appropriate action toward their healing & resolution. I am at the healthiest and most sane place I've ever been in my life and for the first time I'm excited about the future.

At first I thought I was going to them to heal my relationship with my partner and what I discovered was I was healing my relationship with myself. The work they do is riveting, profound and soul shaking. It is not for the faint of heart - it is only for those that are authentically willing to face themselves and complete the past, for those who are truly looking for freedom from the bondage of old patterns & faulty wiring.

I am eternally grateful for their courage, wisdom, integrity and authenticity and highly recommend them for both individual therapy or couples counseling. "
Kelly & Rudy were a wonderful recommendation to us by a trusted friend. My relationship has a wonderful, solid foundation, and with us getting married, we wanted to explore and discover areas of our relationship we could strengthen and be open to shedding, to continue the bond we've created.

Their committed relationship is a testament to the services they offer. Vulnerable, loving, committed, and at just the right moments...tenderly tough.

We've benefited greatly from our sessions and would recommend either or both, as part of a relationship - partnership whether you're feeling stuck or are open to enhancing what's working!

With appreciation,

Renee' K

When I met Kelly and Rudy I was completely defeated in the relationships department.  The same cycles kept repeating themselves and I knew I had hit a wall that I couldn't breakthrough on my own.  A friend suggested I meet Kelly and Rudy and that was the beginning of the journey of a lifetime!

They guided, supported and encouraged me while I did the difficult work of becoming available to show up for vulnerability and partnership.  

Because of their coaching I am now in the relationship I always dreamt of— it is deeply satisfying, honest, fun and loving!

And on top of that... As a result of working with them my career has opened up in a completely new way, my perspective for what is possible in life has expanded, and for the first time I can genuinely say that I love myself. 

These two are master troubleshooters at the core blocks to intimacy. And their approach is radically honest and kind. I highly recommend working with them if you are ready to take your life and relationships to the next level!