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​Let's face it; if successful relationships were easy everyone would be creating them. All marriages would be thriving, and divorce rates would dramatically decrease. These are not the current circumstances we are living in. The fact is that if we go through life without training our consciousness, we are likely to play out similar painful dynamics. Add children to the mix, and we end up passing on the broken heart which stems from the broken family.

A dear friend of ours once gave us brilliant advice; always consider the source. What she meant by that is that closely examine the mind in which you were seeking advice from. We certainly don't ask people who are broke how to manage our finances, nor do we ask single people for advice in our marriage. The reality about this, is that the road gets narrow, and it is wise to seek council from those who have what it is that you're looking to produce.

The two of us met after some time of being on our own individual spiritual paths. We each had done our own work to make ourselves available for spiritual partnership.  From this space, we came together to set forth on the next part of the adventure. There is something truly magical to clearing out old belief systems that stem from lack and limitation. This was the first step in becoming ready for this type of partnership.
Once we joined forces we quickly learned that partnership, and real intimacy were so much more powerful than we had ever known. The real opportunity is for spiritual growth, and profound healing. Typically, people get married and hide out in their relationships until they either get divorced or die. The other choice is to show up and really take advantage of the gift that marriage can be.
We all have our wounds. We will unequivocally attract the frequency that will help us to heal the deepest parts within ourselves. We hold the space for couples to experience this adventure, and come through to the other side - FREEDOM FROM FEAR!!! It is our prayer that everyone will come to realize what's possible inside of partnership. If you're looking for the relationship of your dreams we are the couple to help you create that. 

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Rudy and Kelly Castro are a married couple with three children who have done the work themselves, are professionally trained, and have dedicated their lives to serving others. They coach individuals as well as couples, and facilitate workshops in group settings. Together they have served many people, as well as families move from surviving relationships into thriving relationships.
We are absolutely committed to your success. Whether you are single, and looking for love, or in a committed partnership-we are the team that will certainly take you to the next level. As long as you are willng, of course. Coaching requires full participation on both ends to create success. Are you ready? We have specialized packages to meet your specific needs.
Call now to set up a 30 min free consultation 818-397-6984
  1. Kelly Castro
    Kelly Castro
    Founder, Certified Relationship Coach
  2. Rudy Castro, MSW
    Rudy Castro, MSW
    Founder, MSW, CADC II